DIY Balloon Garlands

DIY Balloon Garlands

It is the best time of the year. Celebrating a special holiday? Create stunning, beyond cool air balloon garlands with our easy and fast DIY Balloon Arch Kits. Our budget-friendly DIY Balloon Garland Kits give you a big bang for your buck. With 100-300 balloons in each set (including all the supplies you need), you will love our easy-to-built Air Balloon Garland Kits. If you want to create a truly impressive and photo-worthy backdrop for your occasions, our Air Balloon Garland Kits are the best kits to use.

The Quickest & Easiest DIY Balloon Arch Kits

This DIY Balloon Garland Kit is the fastest & easiest DIY Balloon Garland Kit you’ll ever use!  No expensive helium is needed to create these Air-Filled Balloon Garlands kits. You can easily make Air Balloon Garlands in two hours before your event. Your Air Balloon Arches will stay inflated for up to two weeks.  No need to attach air-filled balloons to a fishing wire.  No need to use messy and time-consuming hot glue guns. With this easy-to-use kits, you’ll look like a balloon artist. Require about 1-2 hours to create Air Balloon Garlands Kits.

Why Our Customers Like Our DIY Balloon Garlands Kits

Each DIY Balloon Garland Kit from comes with Balloon Garland Chain, glue dot, and tying tool. With a roll of 100 Glue Dots you can quickly attach mini balloons to the Balloon Garland (to fill-in sparse areas). We also include a step-by step instruction sheet in the kit to help you easily create your Air Balloon Garlands. Our top quality latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and the Balloon accessories & Inflator are re-usable.

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