We work with the world’s leading courier companies to ensure that our customers receive their deliveries
quickly and safely.

Please read the following, it will ensure that you can receive the package on time

Normal Delivery Time

Normally, for orders before 5:00pm(UTC+8), we will arrange the shipping the same day.

In order for you to receive the products as soon as possible, we will prioritize shipping from the nearest warehouse according to your address.

After you submit the order and the payment is successful, we will usually arrange the delivery within 48 hours. After delivery, we will submit the courier tracking number on the website. You will receive the courier tracking number in about 72 hours, stepping on your tracking information.

Shipping Time( Ship from China)

  • 7-14 business days Ship to the USA
  • 20-40 business days Ship to Australia
  • 7-12 business days Ship to Canada
  • 7-14 business days Ship to the UK
  • 7-15 business days Ship to Spain
  • 7-14 business days Ship to Germany
  • 7-14 business days Ship to Switzerland
  • 7-10 business days Ship to Korea
  • 10-18 business days Ship to Russia
  • 10-14 business days Ship to Poland
  • 10-14 business days Ship to Norway
  • 10-18 business days Ship to Chile

Shipping Cost (For exaple :ship to USA)

The shipping cost may vary from time to time base on the actual logistics companies’ charging fee plus the packing fee.
After you fulfill the address form, the system will calculate the shipping cost accordingly. Freight prices vary depending on the weight of the cargo and the type of cargo (general cargo, batteries, liquid cargo).

Calculate Shipping cost on Cart Page

You can calculate the shipping cost on cart page. The final price is subject to the Checkout page.

Pre-Sale Delivery Time

Regarding the pre-sale delivery time of new products, please read the product page introduction. We will release the specific details of the delivery time and pre-sale products.

Customer Verification Policy (Prior to Shipping Out the Item)

Tattoo Unleashed is responsible for the detection and prevention of fraud, misappropriations, and other irregularities to protect our customers.

Once our system detects a suspicious transaction we will have to ask for additional information for verification purposes whenever a customer places multiple orders before we process the orders.

For example, if we noticed that the shipping address is 200 miles away from the location where the order was placed. We will need our customers to provide us the following:

  •      Bank’s name
  •      Name as it appears on the credit card
  •      CVC number
  •      The full Billing address and Zip Code
  •      Full Shipping address

We will not process any orders once our customer is verified.

Package lost and liability determination

The recipient is responsible for all losses if the postal address is wrong, resulting in the parcel not being recovered after delivery.

Microplushshop  is responsible for losses caused by the courier company in transit.