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How many balloons are need for a balloon garland?

 Make your next party with DIY Balloon Garland Kit, we usually go with balloons in various sizes and colors but most of them are 12” and 5”.Microplush shop also has a great selection.

I recommend ordering 5”, 12” ,18” and a few 36” big latex balloons. We use our local brand everytime. I think they’re great quality, biodegradable and durable for me.

Also they have a nice matte finish that I like it very much.

But for you can get from every store that sell them so it just depends what is easiest for you. You can also get from Amazon, the Dollar Tree, Michaels, etc

How many balloons do I need?

1.How many balloons for 4-6ft long balloon garland ?
50pcs balloons in assorted sizes (approximately 25pcs of 5inch balloons, 25pcs of 12inch balloons).

4-6ft long balloon garland

2.How many balloons for 8-10ft long balloon garland?
80pcs balloons in assorted sizes. (approximately 45pcs of 5inch balloons,45pcs of 12 inch balloons)

8-10ft long balloon garland

3.How many balloons for 12ft long balloon garland?
120pcs balloons in assorted sizes. (approximately 60pcs of 5inch balloons,60pcs of 12inch balloons,2pcs 18inch of balloons)

12ft long balloon garland

4.How many balloons for 16-20ft long balloon garland?
200pcs balloons in assorted sizes. (approximately 100pcs of 5inch balloons,100pcs of 12inch balloons,4pcs 18inch of balloons)

16-20ft long balloon garland

While you probably would need couple of big balloons and small ones to give the garland more variation. Also in case of any popping balloons, you need to buy more balloons in the kit.

So this is a brief introduction about balloon party decorations, I hope you find it helpful.

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