Hang a Balloon Garland on the Wall

Hang a Balloon Garland on the Wall

we got this question most frequently asked “how to attach balloon garland to the walls”?As a beginner of balloon garland maker I will tell you, hanging your balloon garland may be the trickiest part of the whole process. In this blog post, we are going to explain all the tips and tricks on how to easily hang your stunning…


Preparations for building balloon garlands

what do we need for a balloon garland? (see chart below for preparation a balloon garland).

Prepare the balloons


How to make the balloon garland with decorating stripes?

Prepare the balloons

Start with a few bags of balloons in all sorted sizes and colors that match the theme your party: Here we use the pink and white balloons for Valentine’s party, but you can use any colors combinations that fits your party. Blow up all the balloons with pump,usually we will use the electric balloon pumps. balloon tips here, be care not to over inflate the balloons. only blowing the balloons two-thirds of the way. not too big not to small, the best to the balloons garlands. see the following picture, the middle one is best.

Assemble garland & attach to decorating strip

Assemble garland & attach to decorating strip

Here we use the balloon plastic strip to assemble balloon garlands, assemble time: est. 1 hour.
The clear plastic strip acts as a template for your garland, You can begin inserting the knotted ends of the balloons into the holes in the strip and gently pulling them through to secure. Alternate balloon colors as you move down the strip for variation. To make a full garland, you’ll need about 105 latex balloons in a variety of colors and sizes

Assemble garland & attach to decorating strip


How to attach a Balloon Garland to the Walls

To attach your balloon garland to the hooks, here I use ribbons. Decide where you want to hang the garland, then let a partner hold the garland against the wall. Since creating the garland with the help of a balloon decorating strip, we can just tie the ribbons to the command hooks to hang the balloon garland.
Once the garland is hung securely, make a greenery balloon garland by filling in spaces with flowers or purchased greenery that matches the color scheme.



How long will my balloon garland last?

Balloon Garlands are durable. If kept inside under ideal conditions ( ideal temperatures and humidities) they can last weeks before the colour starts to oxidize and they begin to loose air.


How long will it take to assemble the balloon arch?

It will take approx 60mins to build the balloon garland if using a electric balloon pump, with the help from balloon pumps, the inflation will be quicker and easier. In my experience, inflating the balloons will take the majority of the time, then adding them to the garland time.


How far ahead can I make the balloon arch?

You can blow them up 2-3 days before and keep the garland under ideal conditions until your party. I prefer to prepare our balloon arches in advance, and store the balloon garlands or the loose inflated balloons indoor and away from heat, sun and high humidity.for the best result,you can store the inflated balloons in a sealed bag to keep them shine.


How do I hang the balloon arch?

We recommend using command hooks and ribbon, elastic bands or string so that the garland is free-standing just as the video attached in this blog.


Our balloon garland kit has everything you need to create a beautiful DIY balloon garland, including balloons,hooks, garland strips and glue dots. I will recommend using electric balloon pump to make the process easier.

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